Age in Style

Women who know how to age in style

As the well known saying goes” Never ask for a woman’s age and a man’s salary”, it is quite rude to ask a woman how far she is on the age scale. But the ugly truth is that no matter how hard one tries to deny the fact of ageing, nature takes a toll on all mortals and sooner or later we succumb to the vagaries of nature. But of course one cannot stay young forever and as they say one must enjoy all the phases that we go through in life. Ageing is one of them. But who said that you must stick to the conventional and boring aspect of old age! As it happens you can age in style just like a few celebrities, artists and politicians, who have defied old age and brought forward their stylish side. Here a few examples of women who are icons of fashion and known for their style sense

Michelle Obama

Would anyone believe that the First Lady of United States is fifty two years old! Michele Obama has the grit and gravitas to carry any style as her fashion sense seems to indicate. Lauded all over the world for her impeccable fashion sense, she is the perfect example for women to never forget their individual personality.


Michele Obama photographed by Annie Leibovitz

Meryl Streep

The “The devil wears Prada” star known how to give age a damn. Being 66 years of age, Meryl Streep look younger by the day and thanks to her wonderful style sense, one would only agree that she steals the show whenever she makes a red carpet entry.


Meryl Streep photographed by Annie Leibovitz



Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is a ninety three year old fashion icon and business woman who has shown what it takes to be a fashionista. She is a consultant in fashion topics and also lectures on style. And the fact that she is ninety three only makes her our favorite as no matter in what age bar you fit, you can always be stylish.


Monica Belluci

This Italian actress and fashion model is the perfect example of how to make your fashion sense evergreen. This fifty year old “Malena” star has ramped up her fashion quotient each time she has made an appearance in movie and television.


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