Oscar de la Renta Retrospective at De Young


A visit to the De Young Museum is always very refreshing, especially when they are showcasing a fashion Designer. The Oscar de la Renta Retrospective was no less exciting. I had only followed his work through online pictures on Style.com and the occasional celebrity news. It is so difficult to appreciate the beauty of any garment through just photos. These exhibitions not only satisfy that craving, but are also full of inspiration and knowledge of the art and craft of dress making. The textiles and techniques used show you the true reason why he was such a coveted designer. The collection showcased a lot of his work inspired by cultures throughout the world. The way he juxtaposed elements in a single dress shows his eye for detail, his creativity and his skill.



These exhibitions at De Young are so well represented and tasteful. The whole environment created to view the collection is so in tune with the characteristics of the designer. The paintings hanging behind the garments inspired by different cultures were creating an exotic environment. The area which displayed the garments inspired by his love of gardens and flowers was fully covered with a beautiful textured wallpaper creating the vibe of a garden. The whole experience gives a good idea of the style of working and inspirations of the designer. If you are in San Francisco, do visit if you haven’t already!



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