The timeless allure of Hand embroidery

We may love our flared skirts and trendy palazzos but give us a Chikankari Kurti any day and watch our eyes light up. Given the fact that we are surrounded by mass-produced items, it is very natural that we cherish every bit of handmade material in our possession.

Whether it is a hand embroidered dress we inherited from our mother or the block printed kurta we picked up while travelling to India, if it is handcrafted, it’s to be treasured. Owning a hand crafted material means we own a truly unique piece of work that no one else does.

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The craft

Handicrafts are a true representation of any country’s heritage, culture and tradition. They are a unique expression of love and affection of the craftsmen for their craft. The art of hand embroidery has been kept alive over the years by the dedicated artistes who bring the fabric to life with their needle skills. Their work on the materials is a labor of their pure undiluted love for the craft.

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Over the centuries, that these beautiful crafts have survived, there have been many technological advancements and changes that have affected the craft directly or indirectly. However, the inherent charm and elusiveness of the craft is still intact. The motifs or the garment may reflect modernization of the times but the craft’s beauty remains untouched by it and if anything, feels richer with the passing time. In fact, the handicraft tradition at present is a beautiful example of the coexistence of tradition and technology. The fact that these skills have managed to survive every test of time also adds to the value of a hand embroidered material. It makes it more invaluable.

The allure

We all want to be unique, look different and be exclusive. Hand embroidered materials enable us to do exactly that. The uniqueness of a handcrafted item is not just seen but also felt. Every stitch on the cloth, every smudge of the ink and every knot of the thread carries a story in itself. Every weave, every pattern has been painstakingly etched out and covered with skillful needlework by craftsmen and women. A hand crafted textile or a hand embroidered dress differs a lot from the machine produced ones. Though the ones done by hand might not always have glossy finishes or smoother edges, they hold a promise, a promise that they have been crafted with a deep love, just for you.

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Think about the hand embroidered material that you just saw. The material was lovingly selected and hours were spent in etching out the design on it. Over the next few days, an artiste carefully weaved magic all over it using just a simple needle and a spool of thread.  Now imagine owning such a gorgeous piece of artwork and adorning yourself with it. It does make you feel special, doesn’t it?

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