Love your Body

There was a time not too long ago, when a certain amount of body fat was actually accepted as a sign of health. People would dress up in accordance with their comfort and own personal style; and nobody gave anyone a hard time about not sticking to the current trends. These were the times when people need not spend precious hours of their day just to keep up appearances. They were judged by their personalities and achievements and not by how perfectly curated their bodies and outfits were. Not so long ago, people had much more tolerance for their fellow human beings.

Fast forward to today – everyone wants to look like clones. Everyone wants the perfect hair, the perfect body, the perfect legs, the perfect nose and what not! Natural is no more in – everyone wants to opt for nose jobs, boob jobs, tummy tucks, thigh reduction and what not – all in the name of attaining perfection. After all, god created us to be different; each one unique, each one with their own imperfections, each one with their specific best features, each one glorious!

Education and globalization are meant to liberate us, showering us with an open mind, acceptance and pride in oneself. But something has gone wrong along the way. Expectations with our physical bodies have soared through the roof. A single pimple on the face – and a girl’s tantrums will know no ends. Being preoccupied with one’s own physical attributes in one thing; but getting flak for your body by other people when you’re perfectly comfortable with yourself is a whole new problem.

The problem becomes multi-fold when you are a celebrity. You are constantly under the spotlight – every freckle, every pound and every other imperfection is visible to public in general. People take it upon themselves to analyze every aspect of the person’s body. Some may crumple under the criticism, while others do not succumb to body-shamers, lash out at them and eventually end up with their head held high. If these superwomen can do it, so can you and I. Let’s see how exactly these Bollywood celebrities braved the criticism thrown at them by their haters.


Source – Indiatoday

Sonam Kapoor recently made headlines when she tweeted about body-shaming. Her exact words were “Fat shaming or skinny shaming.. It’s still body shaming!” She was promptly supported by another bollywood actress Anushka Sharma who was in complete agreement with her.



Another victim of constant body-shaming is 21 times Grand Slam winner Serena Williams. In a recent interview, she expressed just how strong and powerful she was. She admitted to loving herself and never allowing such criticism to bring her down. She also said she wanted to inspire people.

Just like these celebs, we, the common people, are also subjected to body shaming – too skinny, too fat, too dark, too short, too tall, the list is endless. So how do we deal with such situations?

  • First and foremost, ensure that you accept your body the way it is. If there is any way you can stop others from body-shaming you, you gotta start loving yourself first.
  • Accept imperfections in yourself as well as others. If we were all so perfect, we wouldn’t be human.
  • Identify the people around you who douse you into a negative body image. Keep an open eye for subtle hints or blatant criticism from those around you.
  • Now that you are confident of your own body, and have identified your perpetrators of body shaming; it is time to confront them head on. Make yourself heard in a firm, yet assertive manner.
  • No matter how big your imperfections are, never take undue criticism from anyone around you – be it friends or family.

Learn to love your body and see how it loves you back too!

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