How to Dress Boho Chic


The boho-chic fashion has becoming more popular throughout the years, especially with music festivals, such as Coachella, becoming more and more mainstream.  The style itself draws from many fashion trends, along with influences from the 60’s and other bohemian trends from the 20th century. Since there are so many elements and ideas to the boho-chic trend, it is super simple to pull from various looks so you’ll never run out of options!


Layering is the most basic way to create a boho-chic look. Start with a basic top paired with an oversized cardigan, followed by a big printed scarf or shawl. Then you can add another layer by accessorizing with jewelry, a purse, belt or even a floppy hat. Make the look your own and feel comfortable with the way you look.


When it comes to layering, you want to make sure you don’t have too many on. Too many long layers can make you look small and that you have been swallowed up by your clothes.

Another key element to true boho-chic fashion is the lush and earthy color palette. Colors range from greens to browns and cream. From there you can add on other colors such as dark reds and purples, along with other lively colors.  If the boho colors don’t work for your complexion, don’t fret; feel free to make adjustments to colors that work for you. Remember to wear your best color near your face since this is where people look first. From the waist down, you can experiment with all the other colors from the boho palette.


The most important part to stay true to your individual personality, so blend a boho outfit with pieces that are more you! For example, if you are more rock n roll, you can add black, skulls or stud pieces to your outfits. If you’re style is classier, you can add pearls and other long chain jewelry to your look.

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