Necklines in Fashion

One of the most important factors that can drastically alter your outfit and appearance is the neckline you choose. It can flatter your shape or it can ruin the perfect image you were trying to create. The neckline is a very important element to consider when you are trying to look your best.

From plunging necklines to turtlenecks and everything in between, there are a number of necklines to choose from. But how do you know which neckline will look best on you? There are a number of factors to consider. Are your collarbones prominent? Is your neck thick or thin? Are you comfortable highlighting some of these areas?

If you have a short or wide neck, your goal is to lengthen your neckline by opting for lower necklines, such as plunging or scoop neck. Make sure to stay away from details such as ruffles, turtlenecks, stand up collars and neckties. You want to keep the look clean and polished so opt for no collars and flat collars.

high flat neckline

People with long necks should aim for high and chunky collars instead of short and flat necklines. Ruffles, neckties, rolls, etc. will complement your long neck. There’s only one exception where a low neckline will work better with these features, and that’s if you have a big bust.

high neckline shirt

high neckline top

The bigger your bust, the lower your neckline should be. Aim for V-necks, scoops, squares, or tops with openings. Your goal is anything that takes the eye down. Make sure you keep your necklines uncomplicated and free from bulk and clutter. Make sure you avoid high necklines that make your large bust look lower than they actually are.


If you have a small bust, you will benefit more from high necklines instead of low, unless you want to layer the area with scarves, chunky jewelry or multiple tops. Volume in the collar line isa perfect feature if your neck is really thin or long.


People who are long in the décolleté line and have a regular sized bust should avoid all high necklines. The focal point should be in the area between the collarbone and the top of the bust line. People with bigger busts with a long décolleté should layer with clothes and jewelry. A low neckline paired with a front opening top or layered necklaces are fabulous options.


If you have a short décolleté line and a smaller bust, you can wear the same styles as people with normal or long necks, for example, high and chunky necklines, neckties, and ruffles. If you have a short or wide neck, the same rules apply. The only difference is that you can wear more details around the chest area.


If your head is disproportionately larger than your upper body, balance it out with higher necklines and features near your neck. If you have a short or wide neck, keep the details below the collarbone.


If your head is smaller compared to your body, don’t subdue it with neckties, rolls or chunky collars because it will make your neck disappear.


People with broad shoulders should wear necklines that sit close to the neck and do not extend out towards the shoulder. Steer clear of boatnecks and bardots that will emphasize the width of the shoulders.

Selecting the perfect neckline for you is a critical decision since it sits so close to your face and bust. It’s the focal point you must get right no matter what you wear. Not everyone can wear every single neckline. Necklines are great characteristics for adding your own personal style to your look, so have fun with it!

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