2016 Fall Trends

Can you believe autumn is just around the corner? It feels like summer just started! But as fall approaches, that means it’s time for everyone’s favourite fall trends. This season we have many flashbacks to the 90’s with velvet and chokers. There are plenty of great looks to look forward to as the autumn season approaches. Here are a few of the popular trend for this fall!

Ah! Velvet!

Velvet happens to be the most favoured texture of the fall season! Designers have manifested this luxe fabric from everything from dress and suiting to even tracksuits! Velvet in lighter colours can show off unflattering parts of us. Say no to the white velvet leggings and stick with dark colours and jewel tones and you will feel and look astonishing.


Asymmetrical it is!

For many seasons, the off the shoulder look has been extremely popular. Now for fall the cut has become asymmetrical, revealing just one side. Look for it in skirts, dresses and tops!


Floral Fall!

When you think of fall, you usually do not think of florals. But this autumn, long, dark, florals are making a mark. Look for the small yet bold prints on sweater shirts, skirts and dresses. When looking for a dress, pick one with an all over print that can easily be dressed up or paired with a nice jean jacket and cute booties for a more casual look.



Chunky Chokers

Another popular comeback is the choker. The 90’s are known for the thin chokers but now this fall it is all about the statement choker. It will give your outfits a little extra vigor just by adding a little extra something around your neck.


Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are fairly popular during the fall season, but they are usually short motorcycle/bomber jackets. This autumn it is all about the leather trench coat in very polished silhouettes. The coat is part stylish and practical during the rainy weather!



Sleeves Stand Out!

This autumn, big sleeves are taking center stage! Extra long sleeves are the preferred length of sleeves for designers. Not a fan on the long sleeves, you can also go for sleeves that are sheer, have a poof near the wrist or even cut out at the shoulder. Off the shoulder blouses can give a climactic look and a subtly sexy silhouette.


There are so many trends to choose from this season. Play around with it and have fun. Go ahead and try a trend that you are afraid of! You’ll never know if you can pull it off until you try.


Happy Styling!

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