Magic Weaves

I remember my visits to our ancestral villages as a kid, during our summer breaks. I was fascinated by the beautiful, colorful woven straw baskets that were used to store and carry things. They came in all shapes and sizes, from the seven foot giants used to store grains, to little fancy colorful saucers that we used as beds for our dolls.

Sometimes, we would go and visit homes of the women who made these baskets. It was fascinating to watch them weave. I would carry back several of these to my home in the city and they would decorate my room for many years.


weaving baskets

Later, I heard that the art is dying because of lack of patronage and emergence of cheaper plastic storage containers. Ah well, no one stops the tides of change, but luckily for the talended artists of our diverse communities, not only has this craft survived but has been innovated upon as well. And I am falling in love all over again!

woven baskets colors

Santa Fe Chickens basket series

black and beige woven baskets

black and beige artist’s baskets


And some sculptural baskets!

sculptural baskets 3sculptural baskets 4sculptural basketssculptural baskets 2




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